Penny Bysshe


I am a qualified Ballroom and Latin Dance teacher. I am passionate about dance and my aim is to get everyone dancing so they too will experience the joy it brings,

Before I qualified as a professional Ballroom and Latin teacher, I competed as an amateur dancer all round this country and in Europe and won many awards and prizes. 

I run Ballroom and Latin Dance classes at the Pinder Hall in Cookham on Monday evening.

I give private dance lessons at the Pinder Hall in Cookham in Ballroom and Latin, Sequence Dancing and for Wedding Dances and Special Occasions.

I run Tea Dances once a month on a Sunday afternoon with my husband Peter at the Space Hub in Woodley.

I am assisted by my husband Peter, who is an experienced dancer. He organises the music and dances with me when we demonstrate steps and routines in both classes and private lessons. He can partner unaccompanied ladies at classes and Tea Dances.