You may have months to perfect your wedding dance or only a short time before the big day to learn a dance that will amaze your friends and family and be the perfect start to your marriage. However much time you have to prepare, we can choreograph a dance for you that is tailor-made to suit you and fit your requirements.

We don’t just choreograph dances for weddings. A choreographed dance can enhance any special occasion such as an anniversary or a birthday party.

Creating Your Dance

Couples often know the song they want to be choreographed for their dance and what style of dance they want to do. But if you do not have a plan, help will be given with the choice of music and the type of dance. The aim is to create for you a dance that you will enjoy doing, will delight your guests and give you a wonderful moment to remember.

Preparing the Wedding Dance

Before the first lesson the music, style of dance and the length of time available will be discussed and decided. This allows Penny to work on the choreography before the first lesson. Steps and movements may well be changed to suit the wedding couple during the lessons. Once the steps have been decided the script of the choreography will be given to the couple to assist in the learning process.

Your Teacher

Penny is a professional dance teacher with experience in teaching a wide variety of wedding dances


There is no set wedding package as each couple has different requirements. Wedding dance lessons cost £45.00 an hour payable in cash on the day of the lesson.

In addition to the cost of the lessons there is a charge for choreographing and scripting the dance, which will depend on the length and complexity of the choreography required.

Client Reviews

If your Wedding First dance is looming and you and your partner have little or no dance experience then you need Penny Bysshe. At our first meeting, Penny listened to our ideas, assessed our potential and offered clear advice and guidance to ensure our First Dance would wow our guests. Penny choreographed a dance to our chosen music that was stylish, elegant and, most importantly, well within our capabilities. With the help of a video of the dance and a number of dance class sessions, we now have the confidence to perform for our guests.
J & B of Maidenhead

We would like to say a huge thank you to you and your husband for giving us the confidence to perform our first dance. Although we have not danced any Ballroom before, in just 1 day you choreographed our first dance and taught it to us in just 2 lessons! Thank you so much, we can’t wait to have some Ballroom dance lessons with you in the future!
Mr and Mrs Purewall of Maidenhead